A popular image on social media

This photograph, taken of one of my works that was on display at the Cape Town Art Fair in 2017, has been making its appearance on various different Facebook Pages, YouTube channels and even Reddit forums over the last few years. This image, ususally referred to as a depiction of a "statue of Yasuke" is most often featured on an infographic or accompanied by some text that briefly tells the story of the the "an African slave, who arrived in Japan in 1579 and became the first black Samurai."

It has particularly gained popularity in 2021 and 2022, appearing with increasing frequency all over the web - and, unfortunately, in almost all cases, without credit to me as the creator of both the image and the artwork. 

This particular sculpture from my No Man's Land series now belongs to the corporate collection of The Sovereign Trust, an international financial consultancy firm. It is located in the lobby of the firm's Cape Town office building, where it has been on public display for all the firm's employees and clients since 2017.