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Real talk time: I have been feeling rather demotivated lately, because I started realizing how many people are profiting off of my art - especially images of my earlier African Samurai sculptures that I made between 2016 and 2017. The images used were all photographs taken by me that had been popping up in Yasuke-related content going viral all over social platforms since a Reddit post first associated my work with this narrative in 2020. Based on the amount of reviews the products had that were featuring my artworks without my permission, it was evident that certain Redbubble sellers had been making a fat buck, while I have been sitting here with a stomach ulcer from the stress of not having made an income at all the entire year and having to re-evaluate whether I can afford to continue my practice at all. 

I've never had so many setbacks and doors slamming in my face like has been happening in 2022, and seeing other people using my IP without authorisation and cashing in on my hard work is truly the cherry on the cake right now. I did report these users, and | am very pleased with how efficiently the forum acted on my copyright infringement notice by taking down all the reported designs, but it doesn't reverse the profit that had been made by others off my stolen images.

I felt inspired to open up my own Redbubble store as well - thanks to so many of you who asked what you can do to support me in response to me speaking out about this issue on my social media. I'm hopeful that this venture will make my art accessible to a wider audience. 

If you're keen to buy something, please send me pictures and be so kind as to leave a little review when you get your products!